kick-off session

A 2-hour complimentary session to absorb as much information from you as possible: your requirements, your challenges, the current status of the business and your ideal objectives. The session is done within the comfort of your office space.

A 3-day complimentary* assessment of your brand. This includes every touch-point that interacts with your customer in some way, e.g. social media and advertising through to email and account communication. A report is provided with practical solutions and a clear way forward. 

phased implementation

Once the proposed direction is signed off, Univation dives into implementation with milestone LAB days scheduled with you to ensure all is on track. This includes market research, content creation and briefing all relevant stakeholders.

pilot and test

Before launching the full repurposed brand to all customers, we test using a small sector of your clients. This ensures defects, if any, are eliminated. Our objective is then to deliver a final and successful brand to your full customer database. 


Celebrate with an official launch party (small or large) to kick-start staff and stakeholder ownership of the brand. Rest assured, we remain by your side post the launch to ensure sustainable success.

*The assessment of your brand is complimentary when taken as part of the full programme