We all have a deep desire to meet our true potential. To reach our goals with ease, to sell with confidance and make a difference. What's holding you back?


Your personal brand is the reason you either survive or thrive. It's responsible for how you see yourself and how others see you. When you change your story, you change your outcomes. Create a mindset and personal brand that supports your success.


Whether you're an author, speaker, CEO or coach. If you are the brand of your business, this is for you. If you're frustrated with your current limitations, this is definitely for you. Simone Berger utilises a broad range of proven tools. She'll walk with you step-by-step on your journey to personal transformation.


5-Session Coaching Programme

60 minutes p/session

Get coached where you are



Coaching is a practical form of support whereby a coach creates the right space via questions, to assist the client in unlocking their own wisdom. Coaching provides clarity and direction to get you to your next level of success.

—  Mark Steinberg


Design your brand blueprint

A 5-session programme designed to support you in clarifying your niche market, what their pain points are, how to communicate simply and what they need from you to say 'yes!'

Implement your brand plan

Create marketing elements that work. Get the support you need to get your business online and create products your customer wants.

Delight your customers/employees and make an impact

Feel good about yourself and make a difference to others by making money from your passion. From here, rinse and repeat...or expand the business to the next level of success.


“Simone Berger was my business and life coach for approximately six months. She was instrumental in affecting changes in my life. She has the personal ability to motivate, inspire and really make you think about what is important.” 


—  Aimy Patel, Business Owner and Mother

Are you more interested in transforming your business brand?

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