• Simone Berger

Are you ready for the 4th industrial revolution?

What is the 4th industrial revolution?

Like any revolution, it comes with a significant new way of living, working and communicating. The 4th industrial revolution is marked by the profound advancement in technology, how it integrates into our reality and how this affects us. This includes artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), digital systems, networked communications and in-depth data analysis.

This changes everything. From the way we sell, educate, manufacture, relate to one another and how we develop new ways to add value to the world. It seeps into healthcare, financial management, agriculture and most other means of thriving and surviving. It is, therefore, something to be taken seriously.

It's an opportunity to transform our community from an ego-centric state of living to an eco-centric one, where we use the wonder of technology and authentic human capacity to advance how we give value. The great question here is how ready are you?

What does this mean for you?

With any immense shift in a particular paradigm comes a need to shift how we think. The problem is our thinking software hasn't been upgraded much since the stone era and although it has seen us through untill now, it's in great need of a change. It's this desperate need to align our thinking with today's fast-paced environment that causes our greatest anxiety. "Will my needs be met?" is an old primal question. It needs to transform into a creative state of curiosity, asking "How can I extract the most value from this?"

It can be overwhelming. The level of stress and depression is in direct proportion to the level of immense opportunity there is to make a success of ourselves. This great paradox forces us as individuals to rethink how we approach life. It also asks us to review our personal brand. Who are you and is this belief-mould of how you see yourself going to work for you in the future? Is your current way of thinking and problem-solving going to future-proof you for success?

The challenge for government, business and society is to find new ways of thinking and acting as our world is disrupted by technology and innovation.” - Uschi Schreiber

It's time for a thinking upgrade!

Have you found your niche in this ever-changing landscape? Do you have clarity on how to shift with the tide of change?

It can be challenging to step back and reflect within a fast paced environment, where you are required to assimilate large amounts of information. Making sense of or communicating good ideas, and producing effective solutions are all traits which are highly sought after in business.

Whether as an individual or as a leader within an organisation, the niche you carve out now, in how you add value, is the key to becoming future-proof. As a brand, can you provide enhanced and customized offerings to help meet the needs of your customer? Can your offering adapt and evolve to changing needs and requirements over time?

The one great relief is that you are not alone. Take action.


Who is Simone Berger?

Utilising the seven-step formula of storytelling with her published creative thinking methodology, Simone supports brands across all industries. She helps them to cut through the noise, capture the attention of their customers and increase brand trust, thereby increasing sales.

Founder of Univation, Simone Berger spent 15 years within the Entertainment Industry. She headed up and supported the marketing for well known brands such as SABC1, FOX, Dreamworks, Cell C black and Kwesé Entertainment. Her main drive was to connect viewers to their most-loved shows.

She's passionate about giving value, and always open to a coffee or chat. Email: simone@univation.co.za or call +27 84 7778870.