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The Game of Life Has Rules - Welcome to Our Blog

The game of life has rules

Learn how to play them, and you'll get great at achieving anything. You'll get great at managing your own state of mind. You'll get great at creating opportunities.

The rules are not changeable. They cannot be coerced or manipulated. We can only lean in, understand them deeply, and harness them.

“Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.” — Lao Tzu

Playing the game is less about killing obstacles and changing the world as it is about working with the resources you have to create impact. And the rules support this intention.

What does this mean for you?

Know the rules that create flow. Practice those flow principles daily. Play the game we call 'life' with abandon. Release any attachment to how you think things should look. Give away all f*#ks and choose authenticity.

The future supports those who follow their gut and heart above patterned mental thinking. The future is opening itself to mavericks, and we are all mavericks.

We're transitioning into sensing for emerging solutions instead of regurgitating old, habitual lines of 'what has worked before' or 'this is how it's always been done.'

I will share unconventional wisdom for leaders with the aim to bring them relief, to reconnect them to their humaness, and to help them cultivate adaptability.

Whether this resonates, or you're simply just curious, check in regularly to this blog or join our LinkedIn Newsletter. I'll be sharing flow principles, how to adopt agility, and all things pertinent to an emerging future that is birthing today.

Know the rules. Play the game. Optimise your experience and impact.

Celebrating our collective best!


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