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Marketing changes every day and with so many tools, it's confusing and expensive. Your greatest asset is clarity. When you build your message around what your customer really wants, less budget is required.


Is explaining what you do complicated? Are you struggling to generate leads? Cut through the daily noise and delight your customers quickly, using a simple 7-step formula. Start the Brandscape Programme today.


Cultivate your power to stand out and be unique.


Life can be difficult to navigate and when stress hits, we tend to default towards our old habits. This kills countless great ideas and achievements. Knowing who you are is what will help you thrive.


Creating a personal brand can be daunting. Most of us wouldn't know where to even start. Using a simple 7-step formula, you can begin today. Get focused and start thriving with the Personal Brandscape Programme.


Create your brand strategy


Implement your brand plan


Delight your customers and grow your business

Simone Berger’s passion is brand brilliance and creative thinking. She believes these are the keys to future-proofing any business. Founder of Univation, Simone supports her clients as a Brand Strategist, Facilitator and Coach.


Using a powerful 7-step brand formula and creative thinking techniques, she builds impactful brands and shifts team thinking to new levels of performance.


Simone’s background is the entertainment industry where she headed up marketing for top brands like Cell C black, SABC1, The 2010 FIFA World Cup and The SAMA’s.


She shares her passion as a keynote speaker and has published her work in an academic journal called Action Design, together with The University of Pretoria.


Her vision is to see increased cross-industry collaboration with a focus on innovation and customer experience.

Are you more interested in personal coaching?


“It was eye-opening and exceedingly valuable to have an objective Brand-keeper onboard. Univation became part of the family, from sales calls to strategy.”​


Elliot Shevel,
Founder of The Headache Clinic

Simone Berger 
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